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Communications Intelligence for Business

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What is MinuteBuyerBI?

Our Business Intelligence Tool, MinuteBuyerBI is a secure, web based business intelligence solution that will report on activity from devices that produce an ‘event log’. This data will allow users to analyse, share and report on real and timely information in a meaningful way.

Simply put, we will provide users with data from disparate sources, via a process that extracts information in ‘near real time’, aggregates it in one central database, and distributes meaningful information in the form of live reports to users via a web based business Dashboard.

From the outset it will offer a core product suite reporting on the five most common business applications and future development and innovation will be driven by customer demand.  The core product suite will monitor activities common across all industry categories:

Key benefits of MinuteBuyerBI include;


MinuteBuyer's Communications Intelligence Suite of Tools will:

Support your business objectives, with a focus on ROI.

Build a ‘one lens view’, presenting complex data in an easily understandable way.

MinuteBuyer's CI also provides a comprehensive range of reports including:

User Logon/ Logoff/ Failure Report:
All user access to the system is recorded and monitored for possible abuse.

Audit Logs Access Report:
Regularly reviews records of information system activity such as audit logs.

Object Access Report:
Identifies when a given File or Directory is accessed, and the type of access.

System Events Report:
Identifies local system processes such as system startup and shutdown.

Host Session Status Report:
Indicates if someone reconnects to a disconnected terminal server session.

Track User Group/ Individual Changes:
Tracking event logs for changes in the security configuration settings.

Track Audit Policy Changes:
Tracking the event logs for any changes in the security audit policy.

Successful/ Unsuccessful User Account Validation Report:
Identifies user account logon events.