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MinuteBuyer offers a complete range of both Traditional and Next Generation Voice services.

Our traditional services include classics like PSTN and ISDN.  These technologies have been with us for many years but still represent the backbone of many Corporate Telecoms solutions. 

The recent arrival of genuine Business Quality VoIP solutions suit many Corporations that are looking to replace end-of-life telecom equipment, trying to link up multiple sites easily or simply trying to save money by embracing the efficiencies offered by VoIP services.

Remember, many solutions we design combine the best of both Traditional and Next Generation services delivered over your existing PABX’s situated on your own site, in a data centre or even over Hosted infrastructure.

What solution is best for you? 

Call us on 1800 646883 or info@minutebuyer.com and we will explain all of the options that are available to your business – together we’ll build a solution that is right for you.


MinuteBuyer Voice Services

All of our Voice services are fully managed.

We source a supplier, place the order, manage the installation, carry out necessary maintenance and manage all repairs for you. We also offer easy-to-use tools to help you address issues with your lines and track repairs.


Traditional Voice

PSTN solution

A high-quality voice service.  Our PSTN solution is versatile and offers a choice of options to suit your needs.

Basic Rate ISDN

In today's world of converged communications, it's not enough for businesses to rely on traditional PSTN services. Our ISDN service is an attractive alternative. With ISDN services we can provide two separate lines, which means they can perform different tasks simultaneously. The  solution offers you an easy way to deliver enhanced voice and data connectivity.

Primary Rate or Fractional Rate ISDN

Primary Rate or Fractional Rate ISDN is most suitable for larger sites which require a concentration of large volumes of voice calls and/or a concentration of large volumes of data traffic.
Designed for large businesses' networking requirements. It can facilitate the large scale connection of voice and data circuits to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), router, bridge or other ISDN compatible equipment.  We can also  provide 100 DDI's (Direct Dialling In) numbers. We can offer 16 to 30 channels depending on your requirement. Through our analysis we can make recommendations based on your current needs, allowing also for any future growth in traffic.


New voice services based on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

IP is already playing a larger and larger role in communications markets and is seen as a key platform for future innovation

IP telephony offers benefits for organisation, from eliminating internal call costs to simplifying your infrastructure. It can also provide your business the opportunity to explore unified communications, enhanced contact centre capabilities and remote access.

If you are thinking of IP telephony and how best to utilise it, let us help you to choose the best option, whether it’s:

We can design and support an IP telephony infrastructure based on any combination of your system on-site.  We can leverage an existing investment in a PBX which has not reached end-of-life, or roll out IP telephony to branch offices as a hosted service, integrated with an existing IP PBX at head office.


To order set up a meeting with one of our team to discuss our voice services or for answers to questions about the service, e-mail info@minutebuyer.com


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