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When you consult MinuteBuyer the first thing we'll do is an audit of your existing telecom system.

The MinuteBuyer audit will include

  1. Assessment of the equipment and services you are currently using.
  2. Assessment of the contractual implications of your existing arrangements.
  3. An in-depth analysis of your usage, which brings us to the two key questions:

    1. Is the existing infrastructure adequate for current requirements?
    2. Is the existing infrastructure adequate for future needs?

Our audit report will recommend solutions to any short-comings, together with an implementation road map and details of anticipated savings.

Invoice Verification

In corporations with a large number of telecom invoices going through their system, invoice errors go unnoticed because it "looked like last month's". Our comprehensive 'sanity check' of all telecoms billing covers:

With the result that it:

Tender Process (Fixed & Mobile)

Chances are, if you're considering upgrading your telecoms environment, you already sense that there's room for improvement.

At MinuteBuyer, we know that contemplating a change like this is no simple matter.

So please, call us at  1800 MINUTE or e-mail us at info@minutebuyer.com so we can advise you on how to prepare for your telecoms audit to ensure you get the very best results. 


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