Success Stories

High Speed Fibre-Optic Connectivity

Burke Shipping is an Irish-owned shipping and logistics group operating from eleven sites in both Ireland and China. It employs 250 staff and has an annual turnover of €70 million. MinuteBuyer installed and maintains a high-speed fibre-optic cable broadband service and a licensed radio internet connection joining their three main offices in Dublin Port. And because of the growing volume of their daily operations, faster broadband and a more reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is essential.

Burke Shipping has state-of-the-art IT systems installed at all their main sites in Dublin Port. Given the nature of their business, these critical systems require constant uptime. MinuteBuyer provides them with the infrastructure they need to achieve this, not to mention the peace of mind of knowing that all their critical IT systems are backed up and always available.

Without that disaster recovery and back-up, any downtime could cost Burke Shipping anywhere in the region of €100,000 per day.



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